ArneTeam Community Engagement Health Check



Identify your organisation's strengths, and take the opportunities to improve by getting an independent review of your organisation through a Health Check. You will receive a debriefing and a written report providing feedback on your community engagement practice.


Some of the things we review in our Health Check:

  • Frameworks and policies
  • Stakeholders and relationships
  • Values and principles
  • Execution of practice
  • Evaluation and reporting
  • Documentation
  • Traditional and digital practice

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 “The ArneTeam Community Engagement Health Check debrief…Best on-boarding ever for a new manager!"


"Supported by the ArneTeam Community Engagement Health Check, community engagement is now Integrated into the Project Management Process and Budget development. It is also a major initiative in the Organisational Strategy and its now has prioritisation for internal change in upcoming service plan” 

Penny Jordan,

Community Engagement Coordinator,