In-House and Customised Sessions

In-house sessions provides a great way for you to train together as a team at your own location and at a time that suits you the best. You can book any of our sessions as an in-house professional development sessions. In-house sessions are always charges at a minimum of 10 participants and provide a professional development opportunity for up to 25 participants per session.


Advantages of In-House Sessions

Delivering professional development sessions to your team in-house provides several significant benefits:

  • Team building – learning is done as a team, everybody hearing the same message at the same time. Learning together also creates a bond of understanding between participants.
  • Context – where all participants of a session are from the same organisation, it provides for some of the content to be contextualised for your circumstances.
  • Depth of Conversations – as all participants are from your organisation, we can have some deeper conversations (in confidence) that might otherwise occur in a public session.
  • Cost Savings – bringing the trainer/facilitator to you is generally much more affordable than sending your staff to a public session. There are reductions in travel, expenses and accommodation.
  • Date – holding your own session provides the opportunity for your organisation to work with us to find a date that best supports your organisation, rather than working to publicly listed dates.
  • Customised Sessions – where customised sessions have been requested, we can build a session that will exactly meet your organisations goals. This may mean that we can include some of your policies, frameworks, case-studies or procedures.
  • Organisational Awareness – where we are entering a program of professional development, our trainers/presenters will become much more aware of your organisation, its values, and your community. This provides a fantastic foundation when delivering sessions, we can relate concepts and learnings directly to your organisation and community, taking the learning journey deeper together.

Customised Professional Development Solutions

ArneTeam develops and delivers customised and bespoke professional development solutions, whether:


  • an adaption of an existing module
  • custom solution to meet your objectives


Some of the advantages of customised solutions include:

  • ability to use organisational policies, procedures, frameworks, toolkits
  • case-studies can be real, sourced from your organisation
  • we can design the delivery around the locations, times and availability of your people
  • opportunity to build in organisational or culture change components
  • opportunity to link our solutions with other subject matter, increasing relevance
  • time spent learning new concepts, rather than reviewing previously delivered material


Our process for customised solutions includes:

  • Meeting/call between ArneTeam and your organisation, involving key people, including ArneTeam’s professional development lead.
  • Needs analysis completed, along with identification of organisational objectives
  • ArneTeam will then prepare proposal to deliver customised solution
  • Presentation of the proposal to your organisation


At ArneTeam, we can create and deliver material from individual sessions, to a comprehensive annual program of professional development, anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.




If you're interested in our in-house or customised sessions, please contact us and we will discuss your needs and provide you with a proposal.