ArneTeam Engagement for Executives

We recognise that Executives, Senior Managers and Decision Makers (including Elected Members) are busy people. We designed the ArneTeam Engagement for Executives module to facilitate them exercising their leadership and decision-making duties, recognising the role of engagement in those roles.


In this 4-hour session, participants will discuss:


ü  The definitions of engagement and consultation – are they the same or different?

ü  Opportunities of good quality engagement for both the organisation and the community

ü  Identifying stakeholders and understanding their different roles and influence in the engagement

ü  Ensuring that engagement practice is considered during decision-making processes

ü  Frameworks, policies and tools kits

ü  Understand the resources needed for successful engagement

ü  The relationship between internal and external engagement practice

ü  Different engagement methods – why so many?

ü  Reporting engagement practice


ü  Something you can do tomorrow to improve your engagement practice.


IN-HOUSE SESSIONS:  If working in local, state or federal government organisations, we include details of legislative requirements for consultation (and/or engagement).


This session will be delivered at a level, recognising that participants are unlikely to be the hands-on operatives of engagement practice, rather the leaders and decision-makers, who also determine both whether to engage and what resources will be made available for the engagement. 


Who should attend?

This session has been designed for Executives, Senior Managers and Decision Makers (including Elected Members) of organisations that engage.


Pre-requisites: none


Recommended Experience: none



Session Delivery: Public, In-House or Customised


Contact us to book this session in-house or as a customised sessions!

ArneTeam Professional Development Information (2019-2020)
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