Turn regular PDFs into dynamic, living documents that drive change, counter indifference and foster buy-in with:

Don't Let Your Project End With a PDF!

Konveio lets you publish PDFs as action-oriented, interactive web documents - not clunky downloads. Just upload your PDF into the online viewer, then add maps, videos, forms, and other multimedia to make the document more insightful and fun to explore. If desired, readers can provide feedback using embedded surveys or commenting directly on the document.


Add interactive overlays on top of your content to make it easy to understand. Drop pins with maps, forms, newsletters sign-ups, street views, videos, virtual reality and other elements that help people understand your content by letting them explore, not just read.


Gather support for your plan or policy by adding actions that help drive implementation. From newsletter subscriptions, to taking pledges, signing petitions or contacting representatives, the opportunities for action are endless.


Ever been unsure whether your plans or policies have buy-in from your target audience? Konveio gives you powerful tools to involve stakeholders in the drafting stages and evaluate their feedback.

Some Current Live Projects by our Konveio Clients: