Harava is an interactive map-based online engagement tool for smart planning. It enables organizations to conduct structured surveys with spatial data to gain a wider perspective for decision making. Harava collects insights, ideas, and feedback from citizens who often have practical knowledge and understanding of their surroundings which the authorities and organizations might not even be aware of. Without a proper channel, the valuable information of citizens may never be available for decision makers. This is where Harava comes to make a change!


Harava is delivered as SaaS (software as a service) and the service has gained a lot of interest in a short period of time. Over 200 organizations internationally have already taken Harava into use and the number is growing continuously.


Promote community engagement in planning and take your organization to the next level!


Here is where Harava can help you:

  • School network planning
  • Road and traffic network planning
  • Citizen feedback channel
  • Land use and urban planning
  • Renewable energy resource planning
  • Cultural environment mapping
  • Outdoor sports and activity development
  • Documentation of environmental observations
  • Plus a lot more

 Check the provider's Harava Website for even more information!