Harava Case Stories

Harava Case Stories · 10 October 2018
In January 2018, VPA commissioned ArneTech to provide an online digital channel to capture (via the Harava tool) the City of Darebin community’s vision for the Preston Market.

Harava Case Stories · 24 September 2018
ArneTech will be attending the EngageTech Forum on November 1 in Sydney to present Harava solution to the participants. ArneTech is one of the sponsors of the events and will be hosting discussions around community engagement technologies.

Harava Case Stories · 10 May 2018
Highlights from the City of Moreland Council case in using Harava in their Methven Park project in Brunswick East.

Harava Case Stories · 19 March 2018
A group of Finnish Geo‐ICT companies and experts from public administration participates the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference in Washington this week. The conference theme is “Land Governance in an Interconnected World”.

Harava Case Stories · 01 August 2017
City of Moreland started to use Harava product for their online community engagement needs. The first project to utilise Harava is regarding a new toilet facility in the Methven Park.