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Company News · 05 September 2019
We have been conducting research into digital community engagement in Australia for IAP2 as part of their grant funding for projects that will benefit all community engagement practitioners, particularly IAP2 members in Australasia.

Company News · 28 August 2019
For an organisation to be truly engaging, the whole organisation needs to be onboard. A single person or action can diminish (or lose) the trust that the organisation has built with its stakeholders.

Company News · 23 August 2019
ArneTeam attended and sponsored the Community Engagement Summit in Perth during August. The event gathered leading thinkers and practitioners in WA over 3 days.

Company News · 08 July 2019
IAP2 Australasia recently invited Albert Matthews from ArneTeam to represent them as their panel delegate at the NSW Local Government conference.

Company News · 17 June 2019
Based on industry research we recently completed for the IAP2 Australasia on Digital Community Engagement in Australia where we reviewed 60+ community engagement digital tools, we now have a comprehensive understanding of community engagement digital tools within Australia which makes us well placed to assist you and your organisation in your search for the best digital community engagement tool that meet your needs.

Company News · 05 June 2019
We're all About People and we have changed our name and brand to ArneTeam. From ArneTech to ArneTeam it's just two letters but this change underlines the journey we started about three years ago as a technology partner for digital community engagement tools to becoming today Your Independent Partner for Holistic Community Engagement Solutions.

Company News · 01 April 2019
ArneTech has added professional development sessions and services to its services offering.

Company News · 18 March 2019
ArneTech has launched a community engagement event series. We will be hosting free events on hot and emerging topics relating to community engagement. Check our events page for more details and register!

Company News · 10 December 2018
ArneTech's latest service offering of 'Community Engagement Health Check' is up and running! With several projects underway, our team of engagement consultants are busy at work. Don't miss out on the introductory offer for a FREE Community Engagement Health Check by ArneTech, and sign up by December 21st, 2018.

Company News · 05 December 2018
On the 4th of December we invited several Health and Allied Health professionals to joins us for an interactive presentation in our offices facilitated by Darren Keenan, our General Manager of Strategy and Engagement, titled 'Healthy Partnerships: Engaging your community for better health'. The aim of the session was to improve partnerships and outcomes in the health sector. If you missed out on the event, or would like to re-download the handouts from the event, you can do so here also!

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