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ArneTeam hosted a webinar on the research findings of "Digital Community Engagement in Australia 2019".

ArneTech was a sponsor at the Engage2Act (Un)Conference in Melbourne in March and at the LocalGov Summit in Sydney in April.

2019 has gotten off to a busy start and our consultants have been travelling far and wide - we have delivered or are in the process of delivering our Community Engagement Health Check service to several Local Governments

Community Engagement Articles · 11 December 2018
Many thanks to everyone that participated in our research project exploring Digital Community Engagement in Australia. The survey closed on 23 November and we are now busy analyzing the results. At the moment we have some quick snap shots of the results.

Community Engagement Articles · 09 December 2018
Learn about communicating strategies to make public engagement more effective through this presentation by Managing Director of ArneTech, Kristian Jaakkola.

Community Engagement Articles · 20 September 2018
Co-creation is an important collaborative step in the global market for organisations to survive. It is a universally strategy that even non-profit organisations and government agencies have found useful in their implementation of projects.

Community Engagement Articles · 18 September 2018
ArneTech has completed their first phase of the 'Digital Community Engagement' project. Professionals in the field have brought forward industry important feedback. Here is the overview of the results.

Community Engagement Articles · 23 August 2018
'Community Engagement’ has become a trendy buzzword heard in all sorts of contexts, from annual CSR reports to small municipalities holding public forums. It is no wonder that the meaning has become somewhat vague.

Community engagement is highly complex due to the various arrangements, structures and processes that can be carried out in the interactions between the government and public. The broad spectrum of 'Community Engagement' can be divided into types based on the contact or engagement level.

ArneTech has proposed a research project into processes, tools, best practises and challenges of digital community engagement in Australia.

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