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Company News · 29 October 2018
ArneTech are happy to announce the release of our newest service offering “Community Engagement Health Check”. The Health Check will review Frameworks & Policies, Stakeholders & Relationships, Values & Principles, Execution of Practice and a lot more.

Future Dialog Case Stories · 21 June 2018
ArneTech is proud to announce a partnership with Future Dialog. Future Dialog is a customer branded mobile app for community and client engagement that has proven success and customer base in Europe. The App allows you to bring your most important content, news and information directly to the finger tips of your citizens or clients. In addition, it provides tools for interaction and surveys to collect feedback and ideas on any community consultations that you might have running or upcoming.

Konveio Case Stories · 07 June 2018
CiviComment is a web-based tool intended for user-friendly collection and collation of ideas and feedback on uploaded draft documents. ArneTech has signed on as the local partner in Australia and New Zealand for Urban Interactive Studio, the producer of CiviComment. ArneTech will serve as an Australian host to the Australian and New Zealand users, providing a local point-of-contact, support, and training.

Company News · 03 May 2018
So that we can provide you with the support you need, ArneTech has added communication and engagement services to its’ offering. Over the next few months we will be ramping this up and working towards offering a full communications and engagement consultancy.