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Community Engagement Articles · 09 December 2018
Learn about communicating strategies to make public engagement more effective through this presentation by Managing Director of ArneTech, Kristian Jaakkola.

Harava Case Stories · 10 October 2018
In January 2018, VPA commissioned ArneTech to provide an online digital channel to capture (via the Harava tool) the City of Darebin community’s vision for the Preston Market.

Future Dialog Case Stories · 13 September 2018
At the end of the day democracy is about the people and it relies on everyday people having a direct voice and impact in the political process. This is the short story of how the Social Democratic Party of Finland (SDP) is taking that idea into the modern digital world.

Konveio Case Stories · 30 June 2018
The Open Government Partnership (OGP) works with governments of more than 70 countries to strengthen their commitment to transparency, anti-corruption, citizen empowerment and responsive governance.

Konveio Case Stories · 13 June 2018
Arlington County uses CiviComment to facilitate general public document reviews for current project plans across the city. The easy-to-use and widely accessible digital tool allows collection of public comments and ideas on a wide range of topics, all related to projects directly impacting those consulted through the review.

Harava Case Stories · 10 May 2018
Highlights from the City of Moreland Council case in using Harava in their Methven Park project in Brunswick East.

Konveio Case Stories · 25 April 2018
The City of Evanston (The City) Planning and Zoning Division is tasked with reviewing all proposals and applications related to building development and zoning ordinance. As part of the process, the Division makes proposed development projects available for public review and commenting, to create transparency and to preserve the quality of life of Evanston residents.

Harava Case Stories · 19 March 2018
A group of Finnish Geo‐ICT companies and experts from public administration participates the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference in Washington this week. The conference theme is “Land Governance in an Interconnected World”.

Konveio Case Stories · 12 March 2018
The Office of Environmental Quality Control (OEQC), part of the Hawaii Department of Health, is in the process of updating the Hawai'i Administrative Rules. According to state law, the Environmental Council must request feedback from affected agencies; however, going a step further, OEQC launched a public consultation on the update using the CiviComment app.

Konveio Case Stories · 16 January 2018
The California State Assembly adopted Bill 530, establishing a Working Group (WG) to develop the Lower Los Angeles (LA) River Revitalization Plan. As part of the drafting process, the WG utilized CiviComment to receive public opinion, particularly targeting area residents who will be affected by the revitalization. In this way, the WG looks to ensure public participation and the effectiveness of the project in the long-term.