ArneTeam has ceased trading

We would like to thank all our clients, partners, vendors and all the great people we have been privileged to work and be in touch with!

ArneTeam has now been a bit more than 3 years in operations. It's been great to work with some amazing clients and projects. We’ve had very positive feedback and discussions in all cases. However despite the growth and progress we've made, we haven't been able to reach the targets we had set for ourselves and it was time to call it.

Thus ArneTeam will be shutting down as of this week and once again we would like to thank you all! It's been a great journey!

The software solutions that we have been offering aren't going anywhere. They are still available directly from the vendors and/or from other Australian partners and I encourage you to look them up if you had a particular interest in some of the software solutions that we have been providing. Also the consultancy and professional development services are available from other Australian consultancy companies and they are simply too many to mention.

We want to wish you all best of success in your community engagement challenges! ArneTeam signing out.