Digital Community Engagement in Australia events across Australia

We have been conducting research into digital community engagement in Australia for IAP2 as part of their grant funding for projects that will benefit all community engagement practitioners, particularly IAP2 members in Australasia. The research was completed from July 2018 to May 2019 when the final report was released. Since then, ArneTeam has hosted an event in Melbourne and a webinar. In addition IAP2 has created a series of local events to deliver the findings and benefits to all members and practitioners, ArneTeam has hosted these events which have been held in Adelaide and Perth in August and Melbourne in September. The last event will be held in Sydney on September 18, so it’s not too late if you have missed the events so far. All the events have attracted a good crowd with hardly a free seat available. As well as the research findings, the events have been made more interactive and valuable by the inclusion of a case study presentations or panel discussions. The audience has been actively engaged and there has been great discussion around digital community engagement during the events and in the networking session followed by the presentations. Some of topics discussed (and potential topics for follow-up research) have been: deeper dive into particular tools, ROI of engagement, end-user and community user perspective on digital community engagement, big data and analysis, AI etc.


If you have missed the events but would like to discuss this topic further, we encourage you to reach out to us!