ArneTeam Community Engagement Digital Tools Needs Analysis

Community engagement digital tools are recognised for their cost effectiveness and potential to reach a broader audience in a short space of time – BUT which is the best community engagement digital tool for you?


Shifts in technology are stating to have an impact on tool selection. We have online survey, online submissions and engagement portals/website but nowadays we also have augmented reality, virtual reality, gamification and mobile apps that ask questions and get feedback based on the audiences location.


If your organisations doesn’t have the capacity, resources and/or experiences with these different technologies, how do you select the most suitable community engagement digital tool to meet your requirements now and into the future?


ArneTeam Community Engagement Digital Tool Needs Analysis is the answer!


Based on industry research we recently completed for the IAP2 Australasia on Digital Community Engagement in Australia where we reviewed 60+ community engagement digital tools, we now have a comprehensive understanding of community engagement digital tools within Australia which makes us well placed to assist you and your organisation in your search for the best digital community engagement tool that meet your needs. Our Digital Community Engagement Tools Needs Analysis is 4 stages process: 

  • Gathering  
  • Analysing  
  • Modelling  
  • Recommendations

If you would like more information about ArneTeam Community Engagement Digital Tool Needs Analysis contact us now!