Albert Matthews joining as the Engagement Solutions Manager at ArneTech

Man in Office
Image: Albert Matthews

As the company and business grows we’re excited to welcome Albert Matthews as our new Engagement Solutions Manager. Albert will work closely with our current and new customers to find the best possible community engagement solutions for various situations. Thus it’s quite likely that you will get the pleasure of meeting or talking with Albert soon. Albert is an honest and customer-oriented business development professional. He’s thrives to find the answers and solutions that you need in your particular challenge. Albert is starting on October 1.


Albert has previously been working in a business development role as part of the management team at Spatial Vision. Before that he has had similar roles with businesses that provide various technology solutions, consultancy services and eLearning solutions. Albert has over 20 years of experience working closely with public and private clients and ensuring their success. Albert brings in a mix of business, business development and marketing skills.



Welcome, Albert!