Co-create your next Engagement Project

Co-production/co-creation has become an important collaborative step in the global market for organisations to survive. It is a universal strategy that even non-for-profit organisations and government agencies have found useful in their implementation of projects. Public services internationally, especially in the UK, have witnessed greater involvement of service users and communities in the public service chain, both in the extent and intensity of engagement practices.

Close-up of a group fist-bumping in a circle
Image: Collaborate on your Engagement Project

Some Benefits of Co-Production:

  • Value is added for the stakeholders involved, whilst a collaborative strategy allows input and the ability for every party to be heard.
  • In the digital age it has become increasingly easier and cost-effective to co-create with all stakeholders in an open participation space.
  • Allows for greater engagement as responsibility for the task is given partly away to the stakeholders/community/end-users.
  • Pride of ownership and larger involvement. Success and satisfaction usually become higher with the amount of time and effort.


Things to look out for:


  • If discussions are going to be online, make sure you have a good platform that will be capable of collecting all parties’ comments easily.
  • Finding the right balance of control. It is important to make sure the project stays on track but avoid restricting the creative freedom that collaboration brings.
  • Public forums face unexpected discrimination, profanity, racist remarks, etc. It is a good idea to set- up rules, and filter out unwanted comments.
  • Skewed results due to half-hearted responses or respondents with little knowledge on the subject at hand.