Darren Keenan to strengthen ArneTech team

Leading Australasian community engagement solution provider, ArneTech, is happy to announce our entering of a co-operation agreement with Practical Consulting Group, which brings into our team the extensive skill-set of Darren Keenan, Principal Consultant.


Darren is formerly of IAP2 Australasia, when he lead the professional and practice development portfolios, for the leading professional member association focussed on community engagement and public participation.


“Darren is an expert in community and stakeholder engagement, organisational strategy and change management. In addition, he is also known for his facilitation, presenting and highly-interactive training skills”, said Kristian Jaakkola, Managing Director of ArneTech.


“As part of this co-operation Darren’s extensive strategic and engagement expertise is now available to ArneTech clients, and we look forward to integrating it in the various projects that we’re about to start”. In the ArneTech team, Darren will be the General Manager of Strategy and Engagement.


ArneTech holds a reputation for delivering quality community engagement services, utilising cutting-edge online tools, sourced world-wide, ensuring latest thinking and practice for our clients. Through this co-operation, clients of Practical Consulting Group will now have access to our suite of leading online solutions, including Civicomment, Future Dialog and Harava, to name a few.


“I’m excited to welcome Darren to our team”, said Kristian Jaakkola, Managing Director of ArneTech. “Not only does Darren add to the expertise we can offer to our clients but there’s also a great team match. His skills will significantly help ArneTech to align our services and offering to meet the needs of our clients, providing them with maximum value”.


“This is a perfect mix for our clients; skills, tools and industry leading engagement expertise, I am really excited to work on future projects collaboratively”, responds Darren Keenan, Principal Consultant of Practical Consulting Group.