Digital Community Engagement in Australia

IAP2 Australasia is running a participatory budgeting process and seeking to fund innovative community engagement projects that will benefit the IAP2 Australasia members. ArneTech brought forward its' own ideas and has proposed a research project into digital community engagement in Australia. The project is all about the processes, tools, best practises and challenges of digital community engagement and sharing those among IAP2 Australasia members.


In total 10 project ideas were put forward and they are now published on the IAP2 participatory budgeting website and IAP2 Australasia members select by voting which projects are the best and get funded. Go check out all the great projects and read also more about the project we have put forward. If you are a member, please do vote for the projects that you would like to have carried out. We're excited about the possibility that we might get to deliver our project to the IAP2 Australasia members. We believe mapping out and sharing all the best practices and tools in digital community engagement will benefit all the practitioners in Australia!