ArneTech to represent Harava products in Australia and New Zealand

A Finnish software development company, Dimtenteq, and ArneTech have signed an agreement for ArneTech to represent Harava product in Australia and New Zealand. In the first stage ArneTech will conduct a market survey in Australia for Dimenteq and the Harava product.


Provided the results are positive for Harava market entry, in May - June 2017 ArneTech will proceed to start reselling Harava in Australian and New Zealand. The co-operation will included joint marketing activities, further market research and resales activities to local customers in Australia. In the first phase the target is to find new Harava customers in the state of Victoria and then expand to other states.


Harava is a leading community engagement product in Europe and some 200 city councils and public organisations are using Harava in their community engagement projects. Harava provides tools for all online community engagement consultations and has a particular strength in consultation where a visualisation or feedback collection is needed on a map. Harava can easily combine a lot of map-based information into a compelling and easy-to-use online consultation that can be used to collect community feedback and ideas on various projects such as urban development, zone planning, traffic planning, maintenance needs etc.