Community Engagement Solutions for your Organisation

ArneTeam is your Independent Partner for Holistic Community Engagement Solutions. Our holistic approach means that we're dedicated to bringing you the most innovative solutions including 1) Consultancy Services, 2) Professional Development Sessions and 3) Digital Engagement Tools / Software.


We're supporting clients from Australia and New Zealand. We're working with the following sectors: Local, State and Federal Government, Water utilities, Construction, Planning, Engineering, Infrastructure, City planning and Health.


We are all About People:

  • People interacting and engaging with other people
  • People influencing decisions and outcomes that affect them and their lives
  • People providing valuable insights, information and skills that improve projects and their community
  • People having a voice, regardless of their status, education or heritage


Our Services & Products

We provide consultancy services both for your internal capacity building - e.g. becoming better in engaging with your community - and for delivering engaging project with or for you. In addition we provide public, in-house and customised professional development sessions.


We have also sourced the most innovative and cutting-edge community engagement software tools. We're providing those tools - including delivery, training and support - on the Australian and New Zealand markets and they include:

  • A custom-branded community engagement mobile app: Future Dialog
  • Turning PDFs into collaborative and interactive online documents: Konveio
  • Map-based community engagement: Harava